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Seigaku and PairPuri Screencaps

Here is an image of the Seigaku regulars that many people like.  Almost half of them have a hand on someone.  I like how they seem to have the original traditional pairings, so this could go under the themes of Seigaku and couple shots.

WARNING: For those who haven't seen the PairPuri DVDs, the following images are mostly spoilers.

WARNING: PairPuri SPOILERSCollapse )

Band of Sunrise

I like when the Seigaku regulars went mountain-climbing to watch the sunrise.  Here is a picture it, which could go under the themes of weather and music since during and after that Aozu's White Line is playing in the background.  I like that song. Another theme it could go under is emotions, because several emotions were shown before and after it.

More sunrise and musicCollapse )

More Missed Episode Images

I realized that we had more missed or forgotten images for the past themes.  First, is this image of chibi Ah-Un Pair, which could fall under couple shots and animals.  Echizen is flying away on a dove as Momoshiro watches him.

More screencapsCollapse )

Missed or Forgotten Images

I'm going to post images some of us missed for past themes, so this post can be seen as non-theme or several weekly themes.  Actually, I was the one who forgot many of the following images.

First, I missed this scene in the chibi episode on Snow White for the animal theme.  It's Fuji's image of Snow White with a bird.

More missed imagesCollapse )

More School Scenes and Reposts

Someone mentioned the scene with Captain Tezuka and Fuji studying in the library.  Sorry I forgot that one, so here it is.

Reposts and more scenesCollapse )

PoT School Life

I think one reason I watched Episode 27 too many times is because I like seeing the characters' lives outside tennis.  We'll begin with Oishi passing by Kawamura Sushi on his way to school.  They are talking about getting up early.

Major academic screencap spamCollapse )

Chibis at Desks

I think we are familiar with the following image of the Seigaku chibis sitting at their desks though not all of them are studying.

Seigaku and Rikkaidai desksCollapse )


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